Panda Ryukin

Update on Panda Ryukin Dec 25th, 2014

This article is the update on my panda ryukin breeding project. The fishes here are the F2.

blue ryukin 1

blue ryukin 2

The first fish has the best shape resembling ryukin.  The second one is a bit elongated and has smaller hump. The rest of the batch have almost no hump. So, in term of the body shape, there is a need to cross once again with a good and decent ryukin. But this cross will sacrifice the color. So, to finish this project, I need two more breeding step: to enhance the body shape, and then to enhance the color.

The fish might be ready to spawn in perhaps two months later. I am glad for the progress so far.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Panda Ryukin

Panda Ryukin – growth progress


Now the body parts can be seen clearly already. The color is light blue. I am glad that I can see the hump potential on them, since I do not think that the hump will be decent in them even when they are mature later on. If the hump is good in this batch, then it will be a pleasing surprise for me. There is not much to do right now other than feeding them well and wait till they are ready to spawn – which is about 5 months from now. There is not much to sort anymore. If i sort them based on the single anal tail, then I will be left with none. Their number has been reduced to 9, so I think I will not sort out anything anymore. I might need only 2 or 3 later on for breeding, so I will choose the best shape among them. Sex won’t be a matter, since I will cross it back with red and white ryukin. If I have a male panda ryukin from this batch, then I will find a female red-white ryukin; if I have a female panda, then I will find a male red-white one to mate with. Next update will be some more months to come, to see whether there is any that will have a decent ryukin body or not, and also about the color, whether they become panda, or they are staying blue.

Panda Ryukin

Panda Ryukin – culling the color

In this two weeks old offspring, I can see clearly the color now to differentiate between the bluish and the usual greyish.

Grey and blueR

To stay faithful to my goal, I let go the grey, which in the picture here looks more like brown. I keep the paler color since they are the blue or panda fish. This culling has given me a small manageable batch, less than 15 fishes.

The complication here is that all of them, if my eyes does not lie to me, are single anal fin. This is bad news. But since I do not keep a back up plan for this, I will just use them. My plan is when they are matured, I will cross them back with a decent ryukin. That cross will hopefully correct the single anal fin.

From here, it will take a longer time to update this project. Be patient with me 🙂

Panda Ryukin

Update Panda Ryukin Project

My cross between blue/panda plain fish with ryukin has resulted these two fishes:


Since the red white genetic is dominant to the blue/panda, the appearance (phenotype) is red white. About a week ago I mated these two. My hope is to get some blue/panda colored offspring. Theoretically, the percentage should be 25%. But due to many factors (only small portions of the eggs were collected, the hatching rate, and the several culling steps), the result might not be so.

The offspring were 4 days old in these pictures. Taken two days ago. I have done the first culling, which is to separate the under-developed tails from the normally developed tails observable at this stage. These are the under-develped tails being culled out:


And these are being kept for now:


As for the appearance of the blue/panda color, I am very sure they will appear. But, as for the body shape, since the parents are having little or almost no hump, the chance that I will get a decent ryukin body with hump is small. There might be a need to cross back with a ryukin with good hump once more.

I will try to report the progress here.

Panda Ryukin

Panda Ryukin


Sometimes we get an unexpected gift. It is the case with the fish in the picture. When I crossed my panda moor (telescope eyes) with panda oranda, I got this piece! It has a plain head, without headgrowth nor telescope eyes. And it has a little hump! So this piece is best categorized as panda ryukin, though it has no ryukin bloodline so far. Yes, the head is still too big for a ryukin and the hump is too small. It is not yet a decent ryukin.

Its sibling is varied. The dominant outcome is the telescope eyes. This is understandable, since my panda oranda actually already had the genetics of panda moor. Very few have both telescope eyes and headgrowth. The rest of the offspring do not have telescope eyes nor headgrowth, some without hump, some with a small hump. I guess the hump characteristics comes from the moor, which we know is closely related to demekin.

At first, I did not know what to do with this piece, except to sell it. I was concentrating on panda side view ranchu and panda oranda. I did not think I have the appetite to create panda ryukin. However, this piece has a strong color. It has been three months and the pattern stays. While some other have a fading black color, this one does not. I continually marvel at its pattern, and am unwilling to sell it. The notion of creating panda ryukin keeps on coming to my mind. It should be an easy project to create panda ryukin from this piece. This is a gift from heaven. Why don’t I take the chance? I continually feel the urge whenever I see her mating in the morning. Yes, this one is a very productive female. So, I am glad that at last I have a free capacity to allocate to this project.

I crossed this piece with a long tail ryukin that I bought from China. The offspring are two cm long right now. Based on my experience with panda coloration, I know that this batch will be a transition fish. There will not be a single panda color exists in F1. The aim is to create a decent ryukin shape in this F1. The panda ryukin will show up in the F2, as a result of F1 x F1. So I do not need to make the cross between this mother with ryukin anymore. One time cross is enough. And I do not need many offspring. Just a male and a female will be enough. So I cull out this batch strictly every day to reduce the quantity of the fish. I even cull out the flat tail and those who take longer to show the split tail. I keep 24 of them right now, and am still thinking of a way to reduce them again. I might consider to sell this mother since I have no use of her anymore. Who knows someone else will want to do the same project.

The next update will be in a few months, to see whether this project yields a decent ryukin body or not. We must wait for six to nine months to see the real panda ryukin from this project. Hopefully things will work as planned.