Panda Ryukin

Panda Ryukin – culling the color

In this two weeks old offspring, I can see clearly the color now to differentiate between the bluish and the usual greyish.

Grey and blueR

To stay faithful to my goal, I let go the grey, which in the picture here looks more like brown. I keep the paler color since they are the blue or panda fish. This culling has given me a small manageable batch, less than 15 fishes.

The complication here is that all of them, if my eyes does not lie to me, are single anal fin. This is bad news. But since I do not keep a back up plan for this, I will just use them. My plan is when they are matured, I will cross them back with a decent ryukin. That cross will hopefully correct the single anal fin.

From here, it will take a longer time to update this project. Be patient with me 🙂


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