Panda Ryukin

Panda Ryukin – growth progress


Now the body parts can be seen clearly already. The color is light blue. I am glad that I can see the hump potential on them, since I do not think that the hump will be decent in them even when they are mature later on. If the hump is good in this batch, then it will be a pleasing surprise for me. There is not much to do right now other than feeding them well and wait till they are ready to spawn – which is about 5 months from now. There is not much to sort anymore. If i sort them based on the single anal tail, then I will be left with none. Their number has been reduced to 9, so I think I will not sort out anything anymore. I might need only 2 or 3 later on for breeding, so I will choose the best shape among them. Sex won’t be a matter, since I will cross it back with red and white ryukin. If I have a male panda ryukin from this batch, then I will find a female red-white ryukin; if I have a female panda, then I will find a male red-white one to mate with. Next update will be some more months to come, to see whether there is any that will have a decent ryukin body or not, and also about the color, whether they become panda, or they are staying blue.


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