Panda Ryukin

Update Panda Ryukin Project

My cross between blue/panda plain fish with ryukin has resulted these two fishes:


Since the red white genetic is dominant to the blue/panda, the appearance (phenotype) is red white. About a week ago I mated these two. My hope is to get some blue/panda colored offspring. Theoretically, the percentage should be 25%. But due to many factors (only small portions of the eggs were collected, the hatching rate, and the several culling steps), the result might not be so.

The offspring were 4 days old in these pictures. Taken two days ago. I have done the first culling, which is to separate the under-developed tails from the normally developed tails observable at this stage. These are the under-develped tails being culled out:


And these are being kept for now:


As for the appearance of the blue/panda color, I am very sure they will appear. But, as for the body shape, since the parents are having little or almost no hump, the chance that I will get a decent ryukin body with hump is small. There might be a need to cross back with a ryukin with good hump once more.

I will try to report the progress here.


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