Purple goldfish

Final Chapter on Purple Ranchu Project

I think I have come to the final stage of my project on purple goldfish. Starting with the report by Shisan C. Chen as my inspiration, I am finally able to create the purple ranchu. I called the color purple, since I heard that term being used when I was young and naive in goldfish breeding. Shisan C. Chen did not use that term. He just said that it is an intermediate color between brown and blue. I remembered my heart yearned for a more definite description or picture, “what sort of color is that? I would like so much to see it!”

In doing this project, I learned that there are two kinds of brown color in goldfish, and they are genetically different. I am sorry I cannot speak in a more scientific term since my training in genetics is very limited. But I know from my observation that when the two different brown are mated with blue, the result is totally different. I will not elaborate more on this since I have written about it several times on this blog.

So, this is the result:

Left side view:

Yes, it has brown stain, to make it a purple and brown ranchu. Some friends prefer to use the koi terminology to address this breed and call it ochiba ranchu. Yes, the head and perhaps the body could still be improved. I have focused much on the color and sort of neglecting the body conformation. But, for the color experiment, this is final.

Right side view:

Less brown stain on the right side views to make it a decent purple. I know for most people who are not familiar with this project, it is hard to differentiate this purple color with blue. So, let me give some comparison picture.

Comparison between purple and blue:

Yes, the purple has a reddish color compared to the blue.

Comparison between purple, blue and brown:

Hopefully, this project will be useful for the coming generation of goldfish breeders and hobbyist. Thank you for all the motivational support for this project. It is finished now 🙂


3 thoughts on “Final Chapter on Purple Ranchu Project

  1. shen says:

    Hi, I have been following your goldfish breeding developments- its awesome! Can I please ask at what age do you breed your goldfish so that you can make so many F1,F2 and F3 crosses in such a short timeframe, and what is the average water temperature you keep you goldfish at?

    Kind regards


    • I am in a tropical country. I never measure the water temperature, but definitely, it is warm all the years. The goldfish can breed at the age of 4 months, but I consider it too young. I usually use the 6 – 8 months old to breed. My projects are not in a short timeframe, I believed. To make the panda ranchu, I need roughly 5 years (I am currently at my 7 years in panda ranchu project). Thank you for your comment 🙂

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