Brown Panda Ranchu, Chocolate Ranchu, Panda Ranchu, Purple goldfish

Brown Panda Ranchu

As a side result of the Purple Ranchu Project, I also get the Brown Panda Ranchu. Actually, it is the Purple Ranchu who demelanizes to produce a purple and white fish. The purple gets darker to produce the appearance of brown / light brown. This process is exactly the same as the demelanization process in the blue ranchu to become panda ranchu (Black and White Ranchu).

As this variety is still rare, I think it is better to document it here for future reference. Here are some pictures:




2 thoughts on “Brown Panda Ranchu

  1. I love these! Absolutely gorgeous fish you have bred. I have been binging your blogs all the way back from 2015 lol Extremely impressed with your passion and similar goals for what you would like to breed. I am about to start my breeding journey here within the next 3 months or so, so all of this information has been extremely useful. Would love to collaborate at some point.

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