dancing queen

The Dancing Queen

Years before, when tosakin was rare in my country, I was lucky to have some. Yet, the breeding of them was not successful. As the fishes got older, I got worried about losing them with no offspring. In my desperation, I crossed the male tosakin with a common tosa in the hope of getting some tosakin in the offspring. Tosa is the name Indonesian give to a long-tail ryukin-like fish with no hump. At that time, my understanding of breeding was still rudimentary. I did not know that to have a decent tosakin in F1 was hoping too much. I didn’t even plan for crossing back to the parent, since the parent was too old, already. I kept the offspring until they mature. I was disappointed not to get the tosakin I wanted. Yet, I saw some of them developing beautiful tails. I observed them from the top viewing perspective since I put them in the pond. They had long tails, splitted in the middle, with large tosakin flips. Yet, the tail collapsed compared to tosakin. Not even close to a decent tosakin. As I observed them, I marveled at them. One thing that captured my attention was the movement of the tail. The tail could collapse at one time, but could open up at another. The flips could play to the right and left alternately. The movement was totally different from tosakin. I got an impression that the movement was like dancing. As I observed them further from the side-view, my impression was confirmed. The tail movement was unique. It was beautiful. Yet, at that time, I dared not step outside the standard. They were not tosakin. They were not ryukin. They were not even common tosa! They were nothing of value! So, at last, I considered them as a failed tosakin. I discarded them.

As my confidence to step out of the standard grew, I began to consider them again. I remembered how beautiful was the movement of the tail. For the last years, I kept on thinking of reviving them again. I know goldfish is valued for its form and shape. Some, like me, still value its color. The high appreciation also values the elegant movement of the fish. But, I have never heard the appreciation talks about the movement of the tail. I could be wrong, though. But, as far as I know, I have never heard of it. So, if I want to revive that breed, with the movement of the tail as the highlight, I need to create a new category. Yes, the breed can be called a side-view tosakin. But, I do not feel good about it. I tend to give it the name of the dancing queen.

I do not know how the hobbyists will respond to this variety. I do not really care, actually. I will still breed them and observe how far can its potential be. Of course, I will be glad if people will one day appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “The Dancing Queen

  1. Thomas says:

    I really do like how the tail moves. In my personal opinion it still looks better from the top (like from your Wowkin project) but it sure looks better from the sides than a traditional tosakin.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I found your blog by accident looking up goldfish and WOW. That is a stunning fish, the tail is breath-taking! I love goldfish outside the norm so I think I’ll enjoy your blog!

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