Purple goldfish

Purple and Brown

So far, my purple goldfish achieves satisfying results in pompom goldfish type. One of the results is the purple with brown stains, or in the koi terminology is known as ochiba.

Perhaps the brown stains are more desirable than the plain purple one. The stains create an interesting nuance, provided that the stains cover less than half the body.

As an overview, now we know how this color comes from. This color will appear in the F2 between blue and brown (orange based, as in brown pompom). The cross will yield few purple colored goldfish. If this purple color develops white color, then it can become brown and white. As the white color appears, the purple color will intensify and look like brown – yielding a brown and white goldfish. Some will eventually lose all the purple or brown color and become totally white / red and white. Some purple fishes do not develop white color, it will stay that way till the end. Some have brown stains like this, becoming this ochiba goldfish.

I tried to cross my purple goldfish with redcap oranda, in the hope that in its F2 I will get purple oranda. But the result is disappointing. I am sorry I forgot what happened with the results, but I remember to call off the project to start it again one day.


3 thoughts on “Purple and Brown

  1. Harlim Setiadarma says:

    When I saw them at first time, I was surprised. So surprise kind like seeing some new creature. What??? Not red, yellow, white, black, nor even blue. A purple fish? Purple goldfish? How? Where is the parents? & So on.
    Unbelievable Amazing.
    Great job, great achievement, great dedication for goldfish Mr. Hermanto.

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