Panda Ranchu

Panda Ranchu – best so far

My panda ranchu female parent has deceased due to disease. It is a great loss for me. Luckily, I have this one offspring as my consolation.


This one is 12cm approximately now, and is a female. The birthdate is April 7, 2014. So it is six months old now. Hopefully she will be a productive parent.

The white color is appearing now, in a very slow rate. This is a good sign for me. The panda color produced later on by the fish will be longer lasting. And it is good for a panda parent fish.

Whenever I see the face of this piece, I always feel delighted. The face is cute, with decently grown headgrowth. Not excessive, but not lacking either. Hopefully I can retain the headgrowth as neat as this as long as possible.

There is a shiny yellowish color among its scales, glimmering like gold lightning streaks. It enhances the beauty of the fish, in my opinion. But I wonder, in which layer of scale is the yellowish color reside? It does not seem to be in the outer scale. It occurs only in the area between the scales. Unusual for me.

Wish me luck in producing the offspring of this one, though which male to use is an issue I need to resolve also.


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