Purple goldfish

Update On Blue X Brown

I wrote before that I am redoing the work of Shisan C. Chen in crossing brown and blue goldfish. The offspring are all grey. As they mature, some become orange, and orange black, and some remain grey. I have mated the F1 with F1 and would like to share the interesting result.

But first, I would like to mention that there are two kinds of brown or chocolate in goldfish. One is the brown stain we usually find in blue fish. In this kind, the brown can coexist with blue. In fact, it is a blue fish that has the red pigmen in parts of its body. The red looks brown.  If the black pigmen disappears, the brown becomes red. Even when the fish is totally brown, it is still identical with the blue genetics. When this kind of brown is mated with blue fish, the result is blue, or blue with brown stain, and all brown. This is because they are of the same type. Basically, this kind of mating is a mating of the same color genetics.

The second type of brown is the one we find in chocolate pompom. This has nothing to do with blue, and cannot coexist together. They are unrelated. When the black pigmen disappear, the brown will turn into orange. It is this second type of brown that Shisan C. Chen use. I know this after comparing his result with mine. And this mating is what I am interested in. I have shown before that the result is perplexing. The cross between this type of brown and blue does not result in any blue or brown fish at all. The result is uniformly wild color! Some like to call it green or grey. When mature, some of them become orange, or orange and black, or wild.

More amazing is the result of F1 x F1. Just as Shisan C. Chen reported, we have blue, and brown (which should be the second type of brown), and grey (which Chen did not report), and  … something intermediate between brown and black which can be clearly distinguished from both. This is the mysterious color I want to know. What color is that?

Now let us look at the picture of my offspring that represent the four color.

DSC_1699 (2)

The one in the ten o’clock position is obviously the blue. The one in the four o’clock is the wild / green. Below that in the five o’clock is the brown. And the mysterious color is the one remaining. What color is it?

Yes, it is clearly differentiable from the rest. In my observation, the fish looks like pinkish, or purplish. I do not know what it will be in its maturity. Truly, I want to know. Unfortunately, this color is the rarest in the batch. There are only one or two when I search them in a glance. I will know the details when it is time for the next culling.

I have heard before that there are claims of purple colored goldfish. But some people think that the one who call it purple was too imaginative. But if this one in my offspring turns into pinkish or purplish goldfish, then I will know that the purple goldfish is real, and it is truly different from blue or brown, and when in early stage, the color is reasonably pink / purple. Still need time to observe the result.

meanwhile, I will try to cross the F1 with F1 again. This time I will concentrate on that mysterious color. I will increase their numbers.



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