If your comments does not show up here …

I do not usually check my blog unless I am writing new post. Today, when I open this blog, to my surprise, I get a message saying that “Akismet” has saved me from 420 spams! Now there is one spam left in the spam folder. And when I checked that one spam, it is not a spam at all. It is a comment from one of you, my friend! So I un-spam that comment. Now I wonder if all the 420 spams being cleaned automatically by the Akismet were actually comments and letters from the people who read my blog!

If this happens, I can only say sorry for that. I do not get a chance to see your comments. But if you are willing, do write again. I will check the blog regularly every week. Or if there is a suggestion how to turn off the Akismet, I will be glad to learn.

Thank you.


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