Wowkin March 2014

Here is the updates on the wowkin project. I keep the long-bodied one: the body that resembles wakin. They can be categorized into two types: the long tail, such as these:


(too bad the last one in the picture above must be culled out since the right tail has a defect)

and the short tail, such as these:


In my opinion, the short tail type is closer to my original ideal. But I think I might broaden the definition by including the long tail also. I will keep both type to see how the tail become in its maturity.

And these are the rejects:


I reject them not because of their tail, but because of their body, which looks like the more fancy goldfish type such as oranda. I will limit the definition of wowkin to the long body type since wowkin is meant to be a pond fish.

Now the remaining time is to wait them grow and to see the result.


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