Wowkin Updates 1

It has been almost 3 months I raise my first attempt of wowkins. Here I present three of them with the most beautiful colors.


When I compare them with my original imagination, these pieces have the intended body, which is the body of wakin. The color is also good. It seems to me that the red can be as deep as that of wakin. Well, there are some outliers, where the body is shorter, just like the body of an oranda. Some have full orange color, which needs more time to determine whether the orange can turn into red or not. Nothing can be said concerning the size now, it needs more time to see if they can grow large. Basically, the body shape and color is satisfactory.

Concerning the tail, there are four features involved: the middle split of the tail, the length of the tail, the presence of the tosakin flip in the tips of the tail and the ability to open and close the tail naturally.

Wakin is dominant in having tail split, while tosakin is dominant in having no tail split. My guess was the split will be dominant over the no split characteristic. It turns out that I am wrong. The majority of the offspring have no tail split, just like tosakin! Only few has half tail spllit, and it is rare to have the full tail split. So, I guess the no tail split is dominant over the tail split characteristic. Hopefully readers well versed in biology can verify this.

The offspring have medium or close to long tail size, which is not my intention. My original idea was to have short tail size. Probably this is due to my using waron (wakin oranda cross) as one of the parent instead of using wakin directly. But I have another chance to cross wakin directly with tosakin. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of hand spawning  large wakin with small tosakin together, I only have few eggs, with only one decent offspring. This one still have long tail, and undivided (no split) tail characteristic! So, maybe the long tail is dominant over the short tail also.

The presence of the flip is there, and I am happy with this. It is my intention to have small flip, which will add the delight in the tail dance. It is shown especially in the right fish in the picture below.


The ability to open and close the tail naturally is also there. The picture I present below shows a piece where the tail is in close position, while other pictures show the same fish having open tail. This ability to open and close the tail will differentiate this wowkin from tosakin appreciation, and will let the wowkin to be a better swimmer. This will also contribute heavily to the beauty of the tail dance.


So, from here, I will simply wait for them to grow up, and inbreed them with the hope that their F2 will contain some shorter and splitted middle tail. I will then concentrate on them.



2 thoughts on “Wowkin Updates 1

  1. John lim says:

    Hi hermanto

    I reckon this fish will look good in a pond with the color and the tails .
    Curious if they can reach wakin or Jikin size ..

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