The idea of wowkin

It is understandable that what I am pursuing here in the creation of wowkin is not really clear. Some people might not be able to see the value of it. Actually, the idea is pretty clear for me, but the creation itself is a process. I do not know whether the fishes I have now will eventually conform to my idea or not. If not, they might just be fishes with no apparent difference from common goldfish.

I have stated early that wowkin will be a pond fish. The body, size and color will be that of wakin. The uniqueness will be on the tail. I mentioned before that the tail is a combination between wakin tail and tosakin tail. That explanation does not conform to my idea accurately. If wakin is perceived as a fish with open tail all the time, then it is not my idea for such tail to be included in wowkin. Wowkin should have the ability to open and close its tail flexibly.

Underneath this idea is the picture of a dancing tail. I once cross a ryukin with a tosakin, resulting on an unnamed variety with a very beautiful tail feature in my perception. The tail is able to dance marvelously in the water. I have never seen such a fish before, and after. However, I was in my early breeding years at that time, and had no courage to differ from the popular. I discontinued the production for good.

Now, as I have acquired more experience in breeding, that picture of the dancing tail comes up to my mind again frequently. I realized that I have forsaken a valuable feature just because I dare not differ myself. Now as I do not care too much anymore with reputation, I think it is time for me to pursue it once again. My option is to once again crossbreed ryukin and tosakin to make a side-view ryukin with new kind of tail, or to create a pond fish. Since right now I am charmed by the simplicity of wakin, I decided to pursue the second option. Someday I might come back to the first option, but for now, wowkin is my project to pursue.

So, yes, this might be an unexplored appreciation: a dancing tail. Whether it is unexplored or forgotten, I do not really know. The fish is too young right now, but some has shown a limited dancing capability. I do not know whether it will be improving as the fish mature or not, but I certainly hope it will. The issue of whether the wowkin should be a short tail, medium or long, is not decided right now. I will just see which one will be best as they mature. For now, let’s focus on the dancing capability of the tail. Below are some pictures showing one fish with the capability to have many different formations, from close tail to open tail, from plain tail to curly tail, from left side open curly tail to left side open curly tail. It is a beautiful dance.




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