The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2022

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2022 (9)

Just a quick apology. I am sorry for being absent for the last several months. It was mainly because my facility need repair. As seen in my profile picture, my place was dirty and in need of maintenance.

The problem became urgent since the waters constantly leaking from several of my tubs and make the metal beam supporting my facility corrosive. My ponds are on the second floor. I think the condition was dangerous. That was the reason I decided to call for the reparation immediately.

It needed a months to prepare the place for repair. I must move several tubs indoor and wait for the workers to get ready.

The reparation work itself took two months. Then the Moslem Holiday of Idul Fitri came, the country was in holiday for almost two weeks. I could not go anywhere since my helper went back to the village to celebrate the Holiday. I took care of my fishes by myself for two weeks. After that, I went on vacation to Australia for three weeks. I was infected by covid 19 after that, which forced me to stay unproductive for another ten days. So, I must halt my breeding projects for almost 5 months.

Glad that now my facility has resume 80% of its operation.

A little bit better with the new tiles and stronger foundation 😊

Now I can resume my projects 🙏


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