Four-Eyed Goldfish

This fish is a cross between celestial goldfish and butterfly (dragon eyes / telescope eyes). There is nothing unusual from the side view of the fish. It resembles the common telescope eyes. But, there is something strange when seen from above.

Beneath the thin tissues covering the eye-tubes, when observed carefully, we will see other eyes glaring upwards! At a first glance, we might miss them. I was not aware of this phenomenon until I send the fish to my friend’s house. He helped me sell the fish. I just realized this uniqueness when I saw my friend’s video of the fish.

So, the fish has four eyes. Two of them protrudes to the side while the other two look upward. The eyes are the combination of telescope eyes and celestial eyes. The celestial eyes of the fish are not so sharp since they are covered by thin tissues.

Actually, I encountered this phenomenon several times before, but none of the upward eyes are so well-developed as in this specimen. While some might think this case unique, some might think it bizarre. I myself do not think I will continue to develop such feature. Nevertheless, this phenomenon makes me marvel at the mutation capacity of goldfish.


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