The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021, yellow oranda

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021 (25)

Update on Yellow Oranda.

I think my most successful project this year is the yellow oranda. I can breed them in slightly larger quantity with almost uniform shape. Regarding the quality, well, of course there are plenty to improve.

Let me refresh our memory concerning this project. I started by buying imported yellow common goldfish. Then I crossed them with wakin to produce yellow wakin.

I discontinued the yellow wakin project, and planned to create yellow oranda. So, I crossed the yellow wakin with a red white oranda that I had at that moment. Here were the initial results:

The body was a bit elongated. The headgrowth and tail were weak. To improve the headgrowth, I mated them with my goosehead tricolor oranda (short body). Here were the results:

There was a good improvement on the headgrowth. The body became shorter. And the tail was still weak. So, I crossed them with my Basic Material. And here are the current results (7 fish):

I can see that there is uniformity in them. The headgrowth does not look excessive right now, but it is there. They are still young right now, and I believe the headgrowth will grow more in the coming months. The body has a good width, most of them are short, few has medium length body. The tail erects pretty well, but some are too open. And the color are dominantly yellow.

I am quite satisfied with these results. I think this quality is already acceptable to the market. But since selling is not my main purpose, I still want to improve them. I think I will maintain the headgrowth, or make it slightly bigger to display the goosehead style. I also want the body to be longer without losing the body width. I want to have a good erect tail without being too open. And last but not least, I want the color to be yellow and white instead of fully yellow. These are the homework for next year.

Right now, none of the female lays eggs yet. But the male are already productive. So, I managed to mate these male with Helen. This should be the back up plan, but I do it first since Helen is fertile. I think this cross might improve the body length and the tail style (Helen has rose tail / wrinkle tail style while none of these yellow oranda display this feature). But the headgrowth will be a concern since Helen does not have a good headgrowth. The main plan is to cross these yellow with the Basic Material again. But this must wait until the female yellow oranda lay eggs. All my current Basic Material are male.

Wish me the best.


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