Brown Oranda, The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021 (24)

Update on Brown Oranda Project.

Among my Blue, Purple, and Brown projects, the Brown is the least successful from the start. But there are two developments I can report.

First, I manage to secure my old brown oranda line. So, basically, there is no upgrade yet but I do not lose the seed. I keep two of them. One has a good brown color, another one turns orange with some brown marking remains. The rest of the sibling are either defected or turning into orange fish, so I do not keep them.

Both of them have neat fins. The body shape is not bad, but not stout enough. The headgrowth is still minimal. I do not plan to breed them purely, so I mate the brown one with my purple oranda. The cross between brown and purple always produces both color types, so I will always have the brown without the need to breed brown x brown. I do not see the need to use the second fish in my breeding project. After doing the cross (brown x purple), I plan to let go both of them.

Second, when I breed Helen with her sibling in order to create purple oranda (Helen and her sibling are semi purple oranda), I get several brown color alongside the purple. So, without using my old line of brown oranda, I can get a new line of brown oranda. They are still young right now, I haven’t taken any picture of them. They seem to have different character from my old line. Yet, I still face the same problem of them turning into orange color. They left me with few decent brown color.

So, although my brown oranda breeding project was not successful in the beginning, I am lucky enough to get two different lines of brown oranda right now which I can use to continue the project.

Thank you for reading.


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