Blue Oranda, oranda, The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021 (22)

Update result on Blue Oranda Project.

Near the end of the year, I think it is time to update the results of my projects. Let me start with Blue Oranda.

This is the last of my previous line of blue oranda:

To analyze this previous line, I can draw several conclusion. First, it lacks good headgrowth. Second, the peduncle area is a bit stretched (elongated). Third, it lacks body width (too slim). Fourth, the tail has an erect angle though not superb quality. Fifth, dorsal looks fine. Sixth, the color is good and stable. And seven, the abdomen has a bad shape (it is not full).

I mated this previous line of blue oranda with two fishes: Basic Material line and Helen.

These two are the results of the cross between the previous blue oranda line with my basic material:

Analyzing these two, I think there is an improvement from the previous line. The improvement takes place in the shorter (more proportional) peduncle area, better body width, and better abdomen shape. Concerning the headgrowth, there is no improvement yet. The tails vary. The top fish (sex unknown) is better than the bottom fish (male) in terms of the tail erect angle and body width. The color is stable. Remembering that this project is a two year project and right now is half way, I think I can safely conclude that there is already an improvement in the line. The remaining tasks to improve this new line (blue oranda line 1) is to add more headgrowth, to make the body width and tail angle more uniform in a better quality.

This piece is the result of crossing the previous blue oranda line with Helen:

Yes, the color is white. This is a blue oranda that lost its melanin. The problem with this crossing is the instability of its color. Most turn into white. I redo this cross many times, collecting the few stable one. So, yes, I have some more offspring from this cross, but they are still young and I do not take their pictures yet. I will wait for perhaps a couple months to observe them. Meanwhile, this white fish is the only mature fish I have from this cross. When I was about to cull him, I realize that he has certain attractive features. The body shape is very interesting. It has body width, it is not short, and it has high hump (high enough for an oranda). I notice that there is a current trend in the market to have oranda with ryukin-like body. This white fish also has almost such a high hump, but with a longer body which makes it unique. So, to conclude about the body shape, I think this white fish has a high curve, very good body width, proportional body length (not too short nor too long), and still have a beautiful abdoment shape (round, touching the tail). The headgrowth is slightly better than the new line 1. The tail has a better angle and it is rose-tail style. The drawback is on the lower lobes of the tail. When he swims, the lower lobes will move inside.

If possible, I would like to cross this white fish with the new line 1. If the first fish of new line one turns out to be a productive female, this can be done. Perfect. But I am not sure with its sex for now.

What I will do for now is to wait for the rest of the blue offspring to mature. I was hoping to see blue fish with the quality close to this white oranda. If I can get such offspring, then new line 1 can be terminated. I will just use the new line 2.

So, this is the update of my blue oranda project for this year. I am happy with the result. Next, I will also update the result of my other oranda projects.


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