oranda, The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021 (21)

In the beginning of this year, I mentioned the use of an oranda lineage I call my Basic Material. I crossed this line with my purple oranda line to produce Helen (the semi purple oranda). Let me refresh how they look like:

Besides crossing this line with my purple, blue, and brown oranda, I inbred them to keep the pure lineage to anticipate their usage one day. But I detect the saturation in their gene. Minor problems seem to occur in the offspring. Currently I only keep these three males:

In my first impression, they all lack the body stoutness of the parents. But the headgrowth feature is preserved. This headgrowth is important since Helen and her offspring still lacking in headgrowth.

So, several weeks ago I managed to cross Helen with those three musketeers. I am enthusiastic to see how the offspring will appear. There is a rule of thumb that the headgrowth (the front half of the body) tend to follow from the female parent while the rest of the body tend to follow from the male parent. Obviously, I go against this rule of thumb for this project. Anyway, it is just a rule of thumb for me. I never think it as a 100% truth. For the headgrowth, I hope to see a headgrowth larger than Helen’s. For the body, I am excited to find out. If we examine Helen’s body formation, it is different from the Basic Material already. But Helen’s body is also good in its own shape. Concerning the tail, both Helen and the Basic Material already have the rose-tail type. The offspring will inherit this trait, I believe. I just hope that they are free from the minor defects seen in the parents. The first of the three musketeers has excess layer in its upper lobes (left and right). The second one has slight unevenness in its lower lobe (not seen in the picture). The third one has the same weakness as Helen, which is one of the lower lobe folds inside when swimming. Perhaps I need to tackle this problem later if it persists.

I will update the results in the next few months.


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