Blue Oranda

The Blue Oranda Project: A Satisfying Result (2020)

After so many years developing the blue and panda oranda from the panda telescope specimen, I finally get this blue one with a satisfying quality. The overall quality of the project is still varied. But this one female oranda stands out. Yes, it can still be improved, especially in the headgrowth feature. The color is stained with brown pattern, which might not conform to the strict standard. Yet, I do not mind the stain. In my personal taste, it improves the beauty. In the future, I might still make some crossing which might alter the character of my blue oranda in an unpredictable way. I welcome this unpredictability.

At the same time, I have also improved my photography technic. I can now take a picture with minimal reflection by employing black fabric and a little bit of photoshop to remove the debris and sharpen the image. So, here are the results. Enjoy.


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