Yellow goldfish

Yellow Oranda 2020

It has been a long way to create Yellow Oranda from Yellow Comets. While the project had shown some success as reported in my last update, I was not content with the result. The main problem was the small headgrowth. Well, headgrowth was and is and will always be the main identity of an oranda. The small headgrowth did not highlight its main identity, in my point of view. So, I needed to do something about it.

What I did was to cross my initial Yellow Oranda with an Oranda displaying a large and stable headgrowth. I chose my tricolor Oranda for this purpose, since my tricolor Oranda had large goosehead type of headgrowth. Of course, the F1 displayed no yellow color. But the F2 produced several of them. As I analyze the result, I think I am satisfied with the headgrowth of my current F2. Here are two of them:

Aren’t they beautiful? The second picture is the same fish as the one in the featured image (the Title).

The color is as intense as it can be, since they are kept outdoor full of sunshine and algae. And they are still as yellow as lemons.

I only kept four of them, since that is all I need to multiply their number. I does not take a picture of the third fish since it is almost white. Only a tiny stain of yellow is left in its body. Not good for a picture. But still good for breeding. At least I learn that it is possible to produce yellow-white goldfish, just as it is possible to produce red-white goldfish. Yes, the yellow color can coexist with the white.

The last fish is a surprise! At first, it mutated from grey (Yes, the yellow golfsish starts from grey fry) into complete yellow. But then, it develops black color. I thought it was due to stress. It is often for a stress fish to display temporary black color on its body. But the black color persists until now (more than three months). It looks gorgeous. Remembering that one of the grandparent was a tricolor which carried strong black pigment, it is possible that this fish has turned into yellow-black variant! Of course I do hope this is true. It will take more time to confirm this. Here is the handsome fish:

Do you love him?

My next plan with the Yellow Oranda are these:

  1. Of course I will breed them just to make sure they have successor that I can use in my next breeding project.
  2. I am still not satisfied with the quality of the Oranda. So, I plan to cross this yellow oranda with a better quality Oranda in terms of the body and tail. I picture a strong and thick Yellow Oranda with beautiful tail.
  3. Concerning the yellow-black Oranda, I would like to create more of it. Right now I don’t have any pair for it. I am thinking of crossing it back with the tricolor oranda. It will ensure the presence of the black color. Of course the yellow color will not be found in the F1. But the F2 will yield several yellow-black Oranda, I hope!

3 thoughts on “Yellow Oranda 2020

  1. Sangeetha Munuswami says:

    Hey John, I love your story!

    This is my second time owning Goldfishes and I LOVE THEM! I have Lionhead Orandas, Ranchus, Blue Orandas, Panda Telescope, Ryukins. What I REALLY want to add is the Yellow Oranda!

    I want to buy the Yellow Orandas. Where can I buy them in Georgia, USA. Please can you suggest?


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