Purple goldfish

Purple, really?

My last attempt in Nov 2014 to cross bluegoldfish and chocolate one resulted on one purplish goldfish in the second generation. I was so excited to see it grow. Unfortunately it died early, taking away all my hope with it. Then there was also a problem with my facilities which required a couple of months to repair. My breeding activity was halted.

But now, things are settled, and I can resume my breeding activity. I try to cross parents again. Just for reminder, the parents are the F1 of blue x chocolate. It must be admitted that the purple is always a minority in the offspring. But this time, instead of one, I get about 10 purple! What a joy!


To see the variation of color, I take this picture this morning. The fish in the top position is the blue. Three fishes in the middle are the purple. E one in the bottom left is the grey/green/wild color. The bottom right one is the chocolate. Hopefully you can see their color differentiation.

the purple is what Shishan Chen in his writing reported as the intermediate color between blue and chocolate yet distinguishable from the two. Some other ancient books labeled it as purple, and I will use that name for this particular color.

Three of the purple fishes have turned into white, perhaps due to the warm temperature of my tub. Hopefully not all of them turn white. But this shows that the purple have the capacity to become purple and white, which might be interesting. I do not know yet how it looks like.

Well, hopefully everything is allright, and we can see the mature result of the purple goldfish. After that, I think I will aim at creating purple ranchu.


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