wowkin update Jan 17th, 2015

My wowkins have passed its one year life span now. Some show the desired tail shape. The size is satisfying. They can grow large enough. The red coloration is also good. The body shape deviates a bit from the plan, though. I was thinking of a body exactly like the wakin. But my best wowkin (in terms of the tail shape) has a body in between wakin and tosakin. This can be seen clearly in the picture

DSCN0773(1) DSCN0772(1)

My attempt to inbreed the wowkins results in body types just like the current wowkin and also shorter type, but the tails are long. I think I cannot get the desired wakin body from inbreeding. So, right now I am crossing  my current wowkin back to wakin. The pair is shown in the picture above. The wakin is the male.

What to expect from this cross? I think I will get the body right. The tail might have a drawback, though. But I am hoping a small percentage of the ideal wowkin to occur from this cross. If this happens, then the rest is just selective breeding.


4 thoughts on “wowkin update Jan 17th, 2015

  1. Thomas says:

    This vision of a “Wowkin” is one of the most amazing idea I’ve ever heard of. I completely support it. Many breeders don’t like the idea of a new breed and instead want to try purifying the line. In a certain way, I agree. I see some of the more bazaar types of fancy goldfish and can’t help but feel sorry for their deformed bodies and handicaps. But this, THIS breed will have the grace of the classic wakin with a hint of new beauty, but without sacrificing movement or quality of life.

    I noticed that you don’t have any other updates. Is this project still going on?

    • Thank you for the appreciation. Yes the project is still going on. Some of the offspring turned back into wakin or tosakin-like. It is harder than I thought to produce wowkin. But I am still working on it slowly.

      • Thomas says:

        Glad to hear from you so soon!

        That’s very interesting how they turn back into the originals. I love the dancing queen tail, and I hope you find success.

        Have you ever thought of creating a wakin with showa and sanke Koi patterns?

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