Illegitimate Modification of Pompom

I used to put together many parent fishes from different goldfish types in one pond. It is not my intention that they will breed in the pond. When I want to breed them, I will move the pair I want into the breeding tub. So, eventhough the fishes mate in the pond, I will just let them eat the eggs. Usually, there is no survivor from the eggs. But this time, there is one survivor, and I notice it when it is close to 12 cm already. There is something nice in this illegitimate offspring, and I decide to keep it.


Judging from the body form, this must be the offspring of my chocolate pompom with my broadtail ryukin. The pompom is visible here, though not as big as the original parent. The tail shows the trace of a broadtail. And the body is somewhat in the middle form between the long pompom body and the high ryukin body. I take this as a desired modification from the tail shape of the pompom which is too flat for the Asian taste nowadays (and folded), and from the pompom body which is too long according to the popular trend.

This is the original chocolate pompom. Notice how the body and tail has differed substantially.


The chocolate color is affected. Here it becomes grey. This is understandable, since the chocolate color is recessive. But this is of no concern. Another backcrossing will bring the chocolate back to the fish. So also the size of the pompom tissue.

I think the only possible route from here is to cross it back to chocolate pompom. This breeding might bring the desired body and tail modification back to zero. But I do hope that few will carry the modification gene. The ideal result is to have the body and tail shape like the one I have currently, but with chocolate color and bigger pompom.


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