A Sea-Horse?


People must think me mad to raise and post such a fish! This kind of fish will be culled out early in any farm in the world. No breeder will give it a chance to live since the defect is considered serious. It does not fit in any standard of goldfish, and so, it should not be considered as a beauty.

Actually, I do not create this fish purposely. I tolerate this because this is part of a project to create chocolate ranchu. As might be obvious from the body form of the fish, I was mating a red ranchu with a chocolate pompom. I cannot think of a better source to obtain the chocolate color than from a chocolate pompom. This fish is an F1, and is still a long way to go to become a decent chocolate ranchu. Last time I was mating a ranchu with a panda telescope in order to create a panda ranchu. It has shown some success after three and a half year. Now I am redoing the same type of project, except now with a chocolate pompom to create a chocolate ranchu. The difficulty is pretty much the same, I think.

So, yes, this fish is a monster to most of us, but to me, this is very valuable. However, as I behold this creature, I am getting an impression of beauty out of it. I immediately think of a sea-horse as I watch this fish. Perhaps it is due to the small dorsal fin in the posterior of the back. Does anybody have the same impression?

And this is a wild thought. Why not create a new goldfish category out of it? A sea-horse goldfish, maybe? I know that this will be a hard thing to accept, since it is a bit far from the normal goldfish standard. But if many people can see the beauty, why not?



2 thoughts on “A Sea-Horse?

  1. If you can elongate the horn, so that it arches gracefully on one side, 4/5 people will jump to buy. But i think that will be nearly impossible to do, without elongating the other fins (which you must not elongate, or the contrast will vanish of the horn).

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