The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2022

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2022 (18)

I think it is time to tabulate the progress of all my projects. This will help me to focus and strategize.

I am surprised to find out that I have tried so many projects in such a small facility I have. And yes, as a breeder, I have ups and downs. I have some successes and failures.

These are my projects:

To focus, I must terminate some such as Topview Ranchu, Bubble Eye and Wakin. Topview Ranchu is just too demanding in terms of space and difficulty level. I do not really have a vision to improve or modify Bubble Eye. Wakin is an established variety. I tried to improve the quality of wakin tail (project wowkin) several years ago with little success. But Wakin took lots of space with not so positive acceptance among hobbyist in my country. And these varieties will not go extinct just because I do not breed them. No. They have lots of admirers worldwide.

Butterfly is also a breed that will not go extinct. But celestial might. Instead of tending two separate projects, I choose to combine them into one project: the Celestial Butterfly project. I think it will become a unique fish. I know people down the history line had breed them once in a while. But they are still very rare right now. I know no one who breed them right now. So, this is a challenging project for me.

The Pompom is a variety I am a bit worried of its survival. It has no positive acceptance in my country. None want to breed this variety. But I think this variety exists abroad in the shape of brown pompom variety. If I have the priviledge to breed them again next time, I would like to modify its shape into ryukin shape. I want to create pompom ryukin.

Do notice that Ryukin and Demekin are not in my project list.

I will update the rest of the projects in separate postings over the coming years.


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