Goldfish Trips

A Trip to Ocean Park, Hongkong

I just browse my old files and find some pictures worth to share. My family and I visited Ocean Park (Hongkong) in 2010. Though the name is Ocean Park, they have a large goldfish section inside. I did not know it before. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this long wall decorated with goldfish pictures.

Even the trash bin told me there were goldfish somewhere!

I said in my heart, there must be a goldfish section somewhere! So, after a while, I found this “Treasure”:

How young I was twelve years ago!

I have shared this trip in a goldfish forum before. I did not remember the name of the forum. It must have been gone with time. So, it is good to share it again here, as a documentary. Pardon the poor pictures. It was very amateur.

When I entered the place, I was questioned by this sign:

Here are the mentioned tanks:

Frankly, I was puzzled at that time. The fish in the left side did not seem to be a carp to me! Anyway, I had no one to argue with. I just went on reading other information they provided.

There there was an outdoor area with giant goldfish ornaments. Very beautiful:

There was a beautiful yet simple writing on the wall:

And the fishes to illustrate this was correct this time, I thought. At least, I saw carps!

Then I went inside a room with many artistic furniture in combination with goldfish aquariums. Too bad, the lighting was a bit dark for my camera. But I managed to take some pics. Started with some more introductory information:

What a beautiful aquarium in a cabinet!

And a large blue ranchu!

This design was so artistic. I did not know where the filtration was, or how to open the tank when doing maintenance. I thought I saw a brown butterfly inside – very rare!

Beautiful combination between the art of woodcraft, glass, aquarium decoration, lighting, and goldfish. And also some ornaments like vase and goldfish images. I could see how passionate the person behind all these carefully thought designs.

Then there was an outdoor rear garden with koi pond. There was an artistic goldfish tank in the middle of the pond with large goldfish inside!

Let’s look closer at the tank. It looked so ancient.

And closer, please:

What a handsome giant black oranda!

These three giant vase decorated the other corner of the area:

And sad to say, this was the end of the journey in the enchanted hall of goldfish treasure.

We passed though the merchandise shop before the exit. I managed to take pics of some of the items:

And that’s all of my report. Enjoy!


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