The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021

The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021 (9)

Yellow Color in goldfish is a fascinating project for me due to its rarity. My main project is to create Yellow Oranda (or better, Yellow and White Oranda), which I have succeeded. This variant falls in the category of Metallic Scale. Now my task is to improve the quality of the fish in terms of its headgrowth, body shape, and tail.

A side project in this Yellow Adventure is to create Yellow and White Transparent Scale Oranda. I nickname the variant as the Yellow Sakura Oranda. I did this out of curiosity to satisfy my imagination. In fact, I have a doubt about its market acceptance. Can the fish be clearly differentiated from the common Calico Oranda and its variations?

I started this project last year. I mated my Yellow Oranda (metallic scale) with a Calico Oranda. The F1 were Sakura in its Phenotype. I had a chance to inbreed the F1 this January. Too bac, most of the offspring have single tail and I must cull them out. I was left with only four fishes, which grow into different colors. One become Sakura with strong red color, one is a black and white fish, another one is a color between yellow and orange, and the best one is clearly yellow with white and black / blue spots! This last one is what I am interested in.

The yellow color is pale, but it is clearly yellow. However, it is a bit hard to capture in camera. I must do some editing to try to bring out the real color. I cannot say it is nice, but surely it is an interesting combination when combined with the white color. My surprise comes from the melanin showing up in the combination in the form of blue and black spots. I thought the melanin pigment will go away when the fish grows up. But it stays.

Well, the fish is not a perfect one. The middle tail does not split (but invisible from the side viewing). Yet the body and tail shape are not bad. Concerning the color, let the reader be the judge.


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