The Diary of a Goldfish Breeder 2021

The Diary of A Goldfish Breeder 2021 (6)

It turns out that I did not write as often as I expected. Now in this holiday season (Ramadhan), I would like to catch up with my diary. For a brief update, I did not do intense breeding activity on March. I slowed down since my facility was fully utilized to raise the offspring from January and February. I redid some unsatisfactory projects on Oranda and Tosakin. My main activity on March was to sort out the result of my topview ranchu projects, and this will be the content of this essay. I also refined my way of culturing daphnia. On April, I had some liberty to breed my side projects such as butterfly, celestial, pearlscale butterfly, and some ranchu. I also had the opportunity to start my next big project to create a celestial butterfly goldfish. I will write more on these in the next occasion.

As I said, I would like to update on my tvr project in this essay. Let me refresh the reader’s memory that this project was started by crossing Wakin and Topview Ranchu. My dream was to create a longer version of Topview Ranchu. The result today is the third generation from that initial crossing. The initial Topview Ranchu being crossed with Wakin was from the Andou line. The result was crossed back again to another Topview Ranchu from the same line. Then I crossed the result back to Topview Ranchu from the Murakami Line.

At this point, I cannot say that I am satisfied with the result. Yet, for sure, I am happy with the progress. The results are varied. Some resemble TVR, but some are arguable. In my opinion, one more crossing to TVR will be needed to finish the project. That is my plan. But I might still inbreed the current result with each other, perhaps to create a slightly different version of TVR. I understand that I will have little support to take this “out of tune” project. Yet, I love to be different.

These are some of the best results so far. Do enjoy.


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