Kinranshi version 2.0

In my previous attempt, I crossed topview ranchu (Andou line) with wakin. I called the offspring Kinranshi since they looked similar to the Kinranshi goldfish type I saw in a book. I already made a post about that project.

Now, to move the project forward, I crossed the Kinranshi back to topview ranchu. I used three lines such as Andou, Kudou / Murakami (the seller was not sure about the line of this particular fish), and my own line (forgot to record). The results are varied. They are not yet conformed to the standard of topview ranchu, so I called them Kinranshi version 2.0.

Some of them are thin and long, some have thickness on their backbone, and some are shorter. Some have collapsed tail and some have wide-spread tail. The head growths are also varied. I am glad to see these rich variations. It triggers my imagination how to direct the next development of them.

Here are the Kinranshi 2.0:


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