Yellow goldfish

Yellow Oranda 2019

It has been a long time I do not update on my projects. Now is the time to catch up. First, lately, I have successfully developed yellow wakin from the yellow comets I bought from Japan. However, I found out that the yellow color is most striking when seen from the side-view. So, I crossed my yellow wakin with Oranda. The yellow and red white color cross is pretty straight forward, the yellow color is recessive and the red / red white is dominant. The F1 had no yellow color. The yellow occurred as the result of F1 x F1. And after sorting hard, I kept a few as my next parent fish. This is the main female:

DSC_9571 (2)

Some of them have white marks. It is an interesting combination. This is the 2nd female which has few white color on its head and fins:

DSC_9592 (2)

Analyzing these fishes, I think it is too early to call them as Oranda. The headgrowth is there, but too small. And the tail will be more beautiful if it is more erect, as the current Asian preference dictates. So, I am not satisfied yet. I have done further projects to improve this features. I made two crosses. First is to cross these yellows with large-head Oranda (as a record, I use a Thai tricolor Oranda with goosehead type of headgrowth, with the not-so-spectacular tail shape). Second is to cross these yellows with superb body and superb tail type oranda, yet with not-so-spectacular headgrowth). As I am writing this blog, they are 3cm already. Of course, they will not be yellow. Their offspring will. So, it will take about another year to see the result. Well, let’s see ….





2 thoughts on “Yellow Oranda 2019

    • First I bought the yellow commets from Japan. Then I crossed it with wakin goldfish to produce yellow wakin. I had the writing about this on this blog. Then I crossed the yellow wakin with oranda, which resulted on the fish in this post. Does that answer your question?

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