Yellow goldfish

Update on Yellow Goldfish (Sept 19th, 2015)

Yellow goldfish is not common in Indonesia. Though it is common in Japan and America, it cannot be found in Indonesia. I mentioned before that it is a lucky thing to see one showed up in my offspring. However, I can only find a single yellow one in one batch. In another batch, it is between orange and yellow, which I am sure it is carrying the yellow genetics. But all of them are female. The best yellow might be sterile, since it does not show any sign of laying eggs though it is almost one year old. The siblings are red or red white in color. So, there is no other way than to cross the yellowish orange one with a red one.

This is the result. I get three yellowish orange. The rest are deep red or red white. These yellowish orange, or the color between orange and yellow, have yellow eyes. Another bad luck, all of them are male. So, if the mother is still productive, I will mate them back with the mother, hoping that some yield will be yellow.

This is a picture of one red and one yellowish orange from the same batch. One might be tempted to think that the yellowish orange one is an underdeveloped color, which might become as red as the other one if being feed with color enhancer. Well, I do not feed them color enhancer. But I can assure us that they are from the same batch, and they receive the same treatment and living in the same pond. In the pond with dark background, the color difference is more differentiable. Enjoy.

tones of red


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