Wowkin update June 2014

The wowkin has grown well so far. They come in several different forms, from the long body to short body, from the long tail to short tail. I think I have decided to keep only the one closest to my ideal in the first place. This afternoon, I find this one which is very similar to the picture of wowkin I painted in the first place. The body shape is just like wakin, the color is as intense as wakin, the tail has split just as I want it, the spread and flexibility of the tail is just as I imagine, and the small tosakin flip is also there! This is my dream coming true! Unfortunately, there is only one as perfect as this. Others have variation here and there. These are three latest photographs of the wowkin. Forgive the quality of the photo, since I took it just now under low sunlight. Do enjoy the tail dance.






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