wowkin offspring

Though wowkin is meant to be a wakin and tosakin cross, I do not actually cross them directly. I have first crossed wakin with oranda, producing a wakin-like fish but with a longer and close tail. They are big fishes, with barely visible headgrowth so far. I do not know if there is any official name for the fish. My friends call it Waron. This cross retains the large wakin body size and the deep red coloration. This is the fish that I cross with tosakin. The eggs hatched at 16 november 2013. I am so excited to see what will they actually look like. Will they be just like what I imagine? The picture shows them at the age of 10 days. I can already see some of them have long bodies. That’s a good thing. The tail is mostly semi wide, which is also good. When seen from side, most are flat, another good thing. I cannot see any flip in their tips for the moment, since they are too young. What I am worried about is that most of themhave no split in their middle tails, just like tosakin. Hopefully the split will come in later on, just as what sometimes happen in split-tail offsprings.


wowkin offspring


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